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We are delighted that you have a bonus ticket waiting for you for  The Secret Sauce Behind Successful Business Coaches LIVE One Day Event!


I hope you have checked out the website by now and realize how fabulous this event will be! You can find more information about the event on our “Events” page, but to take advantage of your bonus ticket you must use this page to register.


But just because you have been offered a bonus ticket DOESN’T guarantee you a seat!

You have to register your seat to make it official. You can secure your place with this “Hold-My-Seat”  deposit.

A FULL REFUND CHECK will be waiting for you at the door as you arrive at this event.


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Why do we charge a 100% refundable “Hold-My-Seat” deposit for a bonus ticket?

Here is why….

Your complimentary bonus ticket costs us real dollars. Based on your registration we will:

  • produce your handouts and workshop materials
  • hold your seat and not sell it to anyone else
  • pay for your refreshments

We are delighted to give you a complimentary bonus ticket, but need to know for sure that you are coming!

We have tried various methods of managing this bonus tickets over the years, this is the only one that works.

Rest assured you will receive your full “Hold-My-Seat” deposit refund check at Registration when you arrive at the event. 

(No-shows will forfeit  this deposit)